Strandrydding Ekspedisjon Selje til Solund 2019

16.Sept - 25.Oct 2019


Fjordane Friluftsråd and Barstein AS have joined forces to reduce marine litter along the coast of Sogn og Fjordane. 

We are looking for volunteers to help with beach cleaning and to educate the public about marine waste.

Click here for the expeditions facebook page.

Expedition Mission: 

The expedition's main mission is to collect as much marine plastic and waste as possible whilst sailing along the coastline of Sogn of Fjordane. Secondary to this, the expedition wishes to educate the public about marine plastics and the problem in Sogn og Fjordane. A special focus will be given to cleaning the sea bird reserves and hard-to-reach areas in Sogn og Fjordane.


Please read the following information. Information how to apply lies under.

Volunteer Requirements:**

  • Over 18 years old*
  • Min. 3 days required (preference given to those who can join for 5 days)
  • You live in Sogn og Fjordane
  • No experience needed
  • Able to smile in all weather conditions!
  • Strong sense of initiative 

* For under 18, considerations can be made for outstanding applicants

Travel Plan:**

  • 16.09.19: Solund (leg 1)
  • 24.09.19: Selje + Vågsøy (leg 2)
  • 02:10.19: Bremanger (leg 3)
  • 10.09.19: Florø (leg 4)
  • 18.09:19: Askvoll (leg 5)

** Travel dates may be changed by ca. 1-2 days depending on weather and other unforeseen circumstances

Work Expectation of Volunteers

  • 5 hours of help per day
  • 5 days of help per week
  • Cleaning beaches
  • Creating social media posts
  • Create outreach material about the expedition for the wider public (e.g. presentations/talks)
  • Tasks such as cooking and cleaning on the boats 

What do we offer volunteers?

  • We promise and unforgettable experience
  • See with your very own eyes "the marine plastic problem"
  • A supportive environment to help develop your ideas on how we can reduce marine plastics
  • Learn about the local coastal culture and history in Sogn og Fjordane
  • Gain hands-on experience what it takes to organise such an expedition
  • Meet new people in Sogn og Fjordane
  • Fresh sea air every day!


Fjordane Friluftsråd will provide all of the equipment you need for the beach clean such as bags and gloves. Volunteers have the responsibility for their own personal equipement such as sturdy footware and appropriate clothing.


Food will be provided throughout the expedition.

Accomodation and Transport

Your accomodation and transport will be organised together with the project manager, Victoria Slaymark. Accomodation is provided. Depending on where you are travelling from, we can help cover your transport to and from our bases.

Volunteers will either stay on our boat or on land at the nearest or most suitable accomodation where the expedition boats are docked. Accomodation will be either host families, camping, Air BnB, hotels, or town halls. We will help you organise this, but please let us know if you have friends or family members in the given locations who would be happy to host volunteers.


Basic necessary clothing:

  • Hiking shoes or sturdy shoes
  • Comfortable shoes to wear when your hiking boots might be wet
  • Warm long base layers, top and tights (preferably wool)
  • Warm fleece or synthetic middle layer (preferably not down as this may get ruined)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof pants
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Warm thick socks
  • Clothes for wearing when you are not volunteering (please keep to a minimum)
  • Sleeping bag

Please be aware that clothes may get wet and dirty so no need to "dress to impress". The muckier the better!


The weather out on the coast can be extreme. Please do NOT underestimate this. We will not be out in dangerous conditions, but please expect we may be out on the sea or picking trash in heavy wind and rain.

HMS/Health and Safety

Each volunteer must read and sign the health and safety form before joining the expedition. Please send this along with your application. Click here for the form.

Personal Information Protection 

Each volunteers must read and sign the personal information form. This document states your wishes for the use of your personal information such as you name and pictures of you to be used in promotional material such as videos, social media posts, presentation and talk about the expedition. 


Click the Link HERE to fill in your application.

Send any questions to

Or give us a call: +47 48 22 22 38